Chin up!

chin up danboo

Everyday is an unexpected day, once is so-so, once makes you surprisingly happy, and once makes you seriously down.
Many people can bring you a sorrow. But some can make you stronger. Many people can know you as well. But some can understand you better. Many people can makes you feel good. But some can makes you feel warm.
You’ve so much outside-in, but it never works if you don’t take your inside-out within.
You’re such a good creatures, no need to break your self.
Remind your self that you’re too grateful to hate.
Maybe you don’t have everything you want, but you’ve everything you need.
Get mad. Show your double midfinger. Spittle. Make a curse. Break everything. Do vandalism. Get rough. Be a hoodlum. Go fuck yourself.
Take a lonely time. A lonely space. Talk with self.
Take a deep breath. Sniff at 3 seconds. Throw it down. Check for solution. Find the other doors. Talk with Mom. Forget. Forgive. Make a peace, at least with yourself. Be a big person, as always. Be positive. Thanks to God.
Life is too short to be short. It’s a prank. Get some fun twist. Chin up!


Malang, 30 Desember 2016
Has been posted on my previous tumblr. Reposted with no edit.

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