A: Where is this?
B: Then I asked who? we’re on same don’t-know-trip.

B: Let’s find out.

A: Ahm, one bench. Is this okay?
B: Ya, what to worry?

The test just began, we both wore same uniforms. Done. Ya, just suddendly done. We move, I’ve followed you. ‘Till the “brrrum” sounded loud and clear.

A: Why motor?
B: Because I love. 

Cold. Night gets colder. We stopped at something we didn’t know on the left side of the road. It might horrible, but your curiosity won. 

B: Let’s find out.

We didn’t hold hands, but I knew exactly we’re both frightened. We keep walking close together. Occasionally in a hurry. Somehow, I can’t hold you. You either.

A: A blue lake.
B: Nah, just a pool. And green, anyway.
A: Whatever, can we just stay here?
B: No. Back.

Motor-trip. Again. 

B: We missed the bus. Hurry up!
A: Wa.. wait.

Things just go too odd. Slowly I found me. Ain’t realistic at all. A don’t-know trip. Oh! A dream. I don’t dare to tell people even I can. And a twelve years old song singing in my mind, all day long. Still don’t know what that means ‘till it’s been posted. A don’t-know trip? You? Me? 

Where’d you go, I miss you so.. 
Seems like it’s been forever, that you’ve been gone..
Please come back home.. 


Malang, July 26th 2017. 

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