A: I love you. I do.
Z: I know.
A: So?

Z: So? Did you just say ‘so?’
A: Ya. So?
Z: Don’t you really know that we couldn’t be together. Never. Ever.
A: I get it. You don’t love me.
Z: How can you…

stop debate in seconds. mess. undescribed. they were in silent.

A: I love you.
Z: Ya, and that’s the problem began.

and now the problem really begin, till they realize..

A: Too dark.
Z: Too bright.

look in the mirror. both are agree.

Z: Now, what?
A: Let’s go. I’ll buy you the right lipstick.

Z: Shh. So do I. 


Malang, May 5th 2017. Flash ficiton, second experiment.

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