Ice Cream.

ice cream

Round after round, this time was fully crowded. An ice cream queued. I smell a vanilla perfume, quite familiar, right in my back.

Him: Still?
Me: Oh? As you see.

Oh! You. It’s been 3 years, I guess.
Maybe half meters far. Striking. Unlikely we didn’t see that.
A couples. Dripping a speck of an ice cream in their nose.
I frowned. Euhh. But wait, does it look like…?

Him: Do you…?
Me: Anytime, anywhere, anyhow. But not anyone.
Him: Who’s the one?

Turn one’s head. Lil bit afraid. Unfortunately, I force my self. I saw into his eyes.
Deep. Deep. And deeply.

p.s.: and we both smile.


Malang, May 3rd 2017. Tryin’ to write flash fiction.

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