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Oh hi, this is my confessions. Or maybe appreciation. Tribute to a kind of person who have a good damn skill at writings. I guess this person will never ever notice, or even understand. I intentionally make it inscription. Actually too short to blog post, but too shy to WhatsApp status updates, and too doit to Instagram story or another social media.

I call it, mindgasm.
Dear, I do get lost into pages. Click all the anchor text you made. Read it all 'till credits. No more choice but scroll up. Leaving no tracks but a number in the stats, besides bounce rate I oath. I learn a lot. Nid-nod. Giggles. Well written. You got all my durations. What a post!

Yes, yours just my new favorite mindgasm. I admire you, please just keep it up.

ps: run over yours words by words while hear this Infinity song was pacific!

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